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This page is dedicated to various and sundry items that have something to do with my life, but not particularly related to architecture and design.

I will add items from time to time if I feel they are of value.

Vargueño 1975.jpg

The image to the left is a pretty lousy photo (taken around 1975) of a piece of furniture I made around that time. It is called a"Vargueño." A Vargueño, or Spanish bargueño, is a wooden cabinet of mixed Spanish and Oriental origin that first appeared in Europe in the late Middle Ages and became a common article of furniture in the Spanish colonial empire from the late 16th century onward. Its major component is a chest with a drop front.


When I began making furniture, I was in my twenties. And, God only knows why, but I was very interested and attracted to furniture that was created, historically speaking, from the Middle ages from around 1200-1600. 


So now....many, many years later,  I built a 3d model of a "Vargueño" and placed it into a 3d modeled scene, crackling fire and all,  that more or less had the look and feel from the Renaissance and Medieval times. 

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