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As noted on other pages on my website, I live on the island of Moorea, in French Polynesia.

Out in the lagoon, very close to where I live, there are some friendly Tahitian Stingrays. They will approach you willingly, and in my view, do not pose a threat to humans.  After spending many hours in their company, I began to notice that each Stingray, like people, have their own personality. Something I would not have expected. 

While doing a bit of grocery shopping one day, I met a couple who were vacationing here on Moorea. They had inquired as to what I might suggest regarding things to do and places to enjoy a meal during their stay. After chatting for awhile, and me offering a few suggestions,  I invited them to come meet my stingray pals. I am quite sure they enjoyed that little adventure  :-)

Scroll down to see the photos.

The slideshow above features a few photos of some very good friends of mine, and myself,  interacting with the Tahitian Stingrays. 

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